Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Leo Burnett Revive Iconic Tagline They’re Grrreat!

The new campaign will re-launch “They’re Gr-r-reat” by making some of the internet’s most famous memes grrreater.

After saying “They’re Grrreat!” for 70 years, especially when the word “great” is one of the most used adjectives in the English language, how does Frosted Flakes prove the taste really is that great for a whole new generation? In partnership with Leo Burnett, the beloved cereal brand has launched a new campaign “They’re That Gr-r-reat!” to prove how tasty the cereal is, in a humorous, entertaining, tongue-in-cheek way.

Speaking the language of the internet, the tastiness of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes will be delivered in diverse formats that social media can’t get enough of – popular gifs, hysterical memes, videos, and classic stills. The campaign features Tony the Tiger popping up across TV, OLV, and social to help bring a bowl of Frosted Flakes in a variety of familiar scenarios such as unconfusing Confused Math Ladies… relaxing Dogs on Fire.

Frosted Flakes has been a beloved household favorite for generations, standing the test of time and making it a timeless classic in the cereal world. Now the brand is creating a new suite of creative, designed to re-engage Frosted Flakes fans and drive relevance across newer and younger audiences – giving new meaning to what it means to be great in a modern world.