L’Eggo of early morning stress with Eggo’s New Anthem

The musical spot encourages parents to accept the morning chaos they can’t control and focus on the breakfast food that always has their back.

Mornings are tough for parents. Making sure everyone eats breakfast while also asking the kids to put on their pants again (and again, and again), can start the day on the wrong foot, leaving parents cranky before the day has even begun.

That’s why Eggo provides an easy win every morning in the form of a delicious breakfast. So when kids are using their shirt sleeves as napkins or fibbing about brushing their teeth, parents can take a deep breath and create some harmony in the kitchen.

The new spot helps parents alleviate some of the tension and embrace the chaos, flipping mornings into a sunny-side-up mentality. Eggo doesn’t just want to tell parents to let go, they want to turn L’Eggo with Eggo into the soundtrack of parenthood. A total earworm that parents can’t help but sing and share – building community and helping families L’Eggo.