Leo Burnett and Bradesco awaken Greek Olympian Poseidon for the summer games

Leo Burnett Tailor Made and Bradesco enlisted a pro surfing champion to call on the Greek god and make some waves.

The Summer 2021 games offered a global stage for competitors to showcase their unmatched athletic abilities — uniting people (and brands) across the world in a shared appreciation for the games.

From record-breaking performances to first-time wins, there was no shortage of excitement. And just when you thought you’d seen it all, an ancient Greek Olympian comes face-to-face with a modern-day Olympic athlete…

Here’s the back story on the ad that has the industry abuzz, “Medina and Poseidon.”

Five new sports were added to this year’s games, including surfing. Bradesco and Leo Burnett Tailor Made capitalized on this moment to awaken the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, in their recent ad. To bring the story to life, a two-time world surfing champion starred opposite Poseidon in the ultimate meeting of two Olympians.

The minute-long film features a surfer staring at a calm, waveless sea. When he realizes that he has the power to conjure a storm, he sets out to find the one person who can help create the perfect waves. In his mission under the sea, he comes face-to-face with the right Olympian for the job, but waking him up and getting back to shore is no easy task.

Leo Burnett Tailor Made’s Creative Vice President Vinicius (Vini) Stanzione played a key role in bringing to life this ad, which took almost a year to produce.

When asked about the inspiration behind this work and its connection to Bradesco’s “Face the Future” campaign, here’s what he had to say:

“Bradesco is one of the biggest banks in Brazil, and its financial offerings can make the difference in the daily lives of Brazilians during these hard times. So it all came together: Medina, a Greek God, the games and the message that you can change your future if you really want to.”

He went on to say, “We want to show people that they have the power to change their own lives if they want to. And the most effective way to convey that is through beautiful and impactful storytelling.”

We couldn’t agree more, Vini. Kudos to you and the Leo Burnett Tailor Made team on the great work!

CCO: Marcelo Reis
Vice Presidents of Creative: Pedro Prado, Vinicius Stanzione, and Pedro Utzeri
Director of Creative: Vinicius Stanzione
Editor: Fabio Nagano
Art Directors: Breno Balbino and Gabriel Marcondes
Art Assistants: Leonardo Cassol, Leo Costa, and Luísa Pacheco
Digital Creation: Julio Leite, Fabio Nagano, Gabriel Marcondes, and Felipe Massis
Content Director: Andreza Aguiar
Content: Fabio Nagano and Tatiana Resend
Director of Technology and Digital Acceleration: Denis Gustavo Alves
Digital Projects: Thalles Freitas and Pedro Rais
Director of Integrated Production: Maria Fernanda Moura
RTV: Luciana Kley