Leo Burnett and Miller Lite Revive Iconic “Great Taste, Less Filling” Debate in New Campaign

The new work combines unmistakable details from the classic campaign and a new roster of All Stars.

In 1975 Miller Lite sparked a conversation that lasted for decades: What’s the best thing about Miller Lite? That it tastes great or that it’s less filling? Sports legends and celebrities, known as the Miller Lite All Stars, such as John Madden and Rodney Dangerfield disagreed for years in some of the brand’s most iconic ads, but the debate was never settled. Today, in partnership with Leo Burnett, Miller Lite is reviving the beloved campaign and introducing a new roster of All Stars, including J.J. Watt, Reggie Miller, Mia Hamm, David Ortiz and Jorge Posada, as well as actor Luke Wilson.

The integrated campaign highlights celebrities debating whether Miller Lite has great taste or is less filling. Directed by Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man Productions, it features spots that harken back to the iconic work of the ’70s in spirit, look and feel. Look out for long collars, mustaches and VHS tapes.

Throughout the ads actor Luke Wilson is a voice of reason, reminding us that the best part of Miller Lite is that it tastes great and is less filling.

“Our creative breakthrough came when we realized the most famous debate in advertising history needed a third voice. A voice who drinks beer. A person. A beer-drinking person. Just like you! Except, in this case, it was Luke Wilson.” said Nick Stoner, SVP Creative Director at Leo Burnett.

“To not be spit out by that beer-drinking person, all ads need some level of self-awareness. Some level of inviting everyone in on the joke. Otherwise, you’re just talking to a faceless void that marketing people call the ‘consumer.’ Don’t do that. The best brands treat people like people. People are smart. They want to be part of the story.” — Nick Howard, SVP creative director at Leo Burnett.

The campaign also includes a limited-edition VHS Beer Tape featuring both a real VHS tape of over 90 minutes of classic campaign footage as well as a novelty beer glass in the shape of a VHS tape. This collector’s item, which also offers people the chance to win free beer and exclusive merch, will be available at the last remaining Blockbuster, in Bend, Oregon, and online until supplies last.

“Miller Lite launched the Light beer category with this iconic debate that has remained unanswered, and we want to continue the conversation for years to come,” said Ann Legan, vice president of marketing for Miller Family at Molson Coors. “Now with the help of a new generation of All Stars and the nostalgic and drinkable VHS Beer Tapes, fans can proclaim their loyalty to their favorite side of the debate by scanning their very own Beer Tapes and locking in their answer, Great Taste or Less Filling.”

Leo Burnett and Molson Coors have had a long-standing relationship across campaigns, including the award-winning “Made to Chill” for Coors Light. This is the first campaign from Leo Burnett for Miller Lite and will unfold across TV, OLV, social, digital and the unique OOH activations.