Leo Burnett Announces Champions of Creativity in Second 2022 Class of Star Reachers

Celebrating the latest group of all-star employees – recognized for their advocacy and comradery across Leo Burnett Chicago and Detroit offices.

It’s that time again — where we come together to honor the individuals showcasing star power at the agency. Nominated by their peers and cosigned by leadership, this group of talented Star Reachers advocate for equality in their work and share a radically inclusive approach with their actions. 

We are honored to continue the celebration of this quarterly program — highlighting and reflecting on what it means to be an impactful member of the agency while acknowledging those pushing the boundaries of culture. The four C’s that guide our Star Reachers Program (Eyes of a Child, Hands of a Craftsman, Heart of a Champion, Soul of a Citizen), lead the way in demonstrating our human-centered culture.    

For the second quarter, the agency recognized individuals that best embody the core value Heart of a Champion.  

The Champion isn’t afraid to put it all on the line. They know what’s right and they’re willing to fight for it. They’ve always got your back, especially when it’s against the wall.   

Meet Leo Burnett’s latest class of Star Reachers:   

Deborah McCauley-Ellis, Director, Business Affairs, Detroit 

Creativity and kindness run through Deborah’s veins. She is a champion of the work and the people – an example worth imitating. Many consider Deborah their sounding board given how she immerses herself in the creative strategy and production process – guiding towards the best course of action. Deborah’s zeal is recognized by the agency, our affiliates, and General Motors. Her passion for business affairs and desire to transform with the changing times is witnessed by those around her and in the way she respects and coaches her team.  

Lindsey Wells, Account Director, Detroit 

Have a creative idea that might scare the clients? Call Lindsey. She’ll figure out how to get it sold. Come up against a budget cut during production? Call Lindsey. She’ll find creative ways to keep the production going. Have a problem that seems unsolvable? Call Lindsey. She’ll hold your hand through the process of solving it. 

Lindsey knows how to fight the good fight. She leads by her heart and is driven by her passion of seeing through the clutter to solve dynamic problems.   

 Siewkuan (Kuan) Yep, Associate Creative Director, Altria 

For those who have had the pleasure of working with Kuan, she not only has the Heart of Champion, but truly embodies what it means to be one. Like Rocky Balboa gold-belt-kind-of-champion — Kuan is the rock that every team wishes it had. Her art direction craft is only superseded by her desire to make the whole team stronger with every project.  

Bobby Dreveny, Strategy Director, Altria 

Bobby consistently advocates and defends what is right in our ideas and work — starting with his exemplary empathy for people. Bobby listens to the consumer, conversations in culture, and most importantly to every individual on the Client and Agency cross-functional team. A true agency cowboy, he’s never afraid to respectfully stand up and ask a question – no matter how provocative or difficult with passion and respect. Bobby has everyone’s utmost trust and when the going gets tough, Bobby springs into action. Often that action is picking up the phone, calling clients directly to challenge them to think about a brief, a problem, their feedback, or potential, differently. Grit. Guts and Heart. Bobby Dreveny is a true champion. 

Alberto (Beto) Salinas, Account Supervisor, Chicago 

Alberto is a fierce fighter for the best-in-the-world bar none work. In his years at Leo Burnett, he’s worked with a number of clients, partnered with many creative teams, steered numerous productions, relentlessly protected the product, and always contributed to taking it to the next level. He is not only the force behind the birth of CASA (LatinX ERG), but he’s committed to going the extra mile to welcome new team members, partners, and clients — making sure everyone feels safe and at home. Wonder why the Purina & Bridgestone LATAM team is one of the happiest at the agency? Blame Beto Salinas for most of that! 

Jessica Kemp, Account Executive, Chicago 

Jess has mastered the art of running successful social campaigns. She is known for her organization and dedication to navigating the unknown, while maintaining collaboration with internal teams. Without Jess the DFB/CSB team would not have successfully launched their biggest brand campaign for Bank — always staying firm in our thinking and the work we make. She backs our creative with strategy and clients trust her! If you want to get your campaign done on time, with strong creative & happy clients, Jess is needed on the team!