Leo Burnett Encourages Next Generation of Mario Fans to Make Everyday a Mario Day with New Nintendo Campaign

Every Day is a Mario Day celebrates the famed charater’s transformative power while highlighting its cultural relevance.

This year, we celebrate one of the most beloved video game characters of all time – Nintendo’s Mario, a treasured character for U.S. adults, but less known among Generation Alpha kids. To usher a new era of Mario fans, Leo Burnett and Nintendo have teamed up to create “Every Day is a Mario Day”- a fun-filled campaign that aims to drive awareness of Mario and Nintendo Switch across a wave of gamers.

As the launch of Every Day is a Mario Day coincides with some of Mario’s biggest cultural moments this year, including the opening of Super Nintendo World, upcoming Mar10 Day (3/10) and the release of The Super Mario Bros Movie, the campaign will draft off these key Mario occasions to create conversation among new Nintendo + Mario fans. The TV spot incorporates CG animation of Mario surprising kids in real-world settings while singers belt out a custom, earworm-y music soundtrack to remind kids that every day can be a Mario day! Paired with digital OOH highlighting key Mario titles, the creative works to drive singing WOM, engage kids and promote Mario on Nintendo Switch.

This campaign positions the Mario experience as an everyday activation, celebrating the bigness of Mario and the excitement of his world, while inviting kids to continue exploring the Mushroom Kingdom for years to come. With Nintendo Switch, every day can be a Mario day!