Leo Burnett Evolves Cheez-It’s Brand by Showcasing its Irresistibility

"Want It. Need it. Cheez-it." introduces a new slogan and creative spot that shows the hilarious lengths people will go to satisfy their cravings.

Cheez-It’s latest campaign by Leo Burnett celebrates the brand’s dedicated fans and reminds snackers who may not have tried the cheezy crackers in a while just how irresistible they truly are.

We thought it was time Cheez-It addressed fans’ extreme passion; namely the absurd lengths they will go to satisfy their obsession,” said Sam Shepherd, global executive creative director of Leo Burnett. “What better way to bring the irresistibility of Cheez-It to life than asking fans, ‘Would you literally become a human-taboggan for Cheez-It?’ Spoiler alert: The answer is yes.”

The campaign was developed to target the diverse Gen Z population and leveraged Cultural Insight Impact Metric (CIIM) to aid in inclusive production and casting for the spot’s leading roles. As a result, individuals featured in the ad reflect the brand’s fan base from a variety of generations and racial backgrounds.

Furthermore, the creative slogan, which is the brand’s newest in five years, is designed to resonate with Gen Z by intersecting the all-family brand’s values with passion and humor. The latest spot taps into the amusingly absurd ways fans enjoy the snacks they love.