Leo Burnett finds new heights during GPC HK21

Buckling down and flying high in 14 different time zones with 24 honorary judges and dozens of creative solutions for review.

The sky’s the limit for Leo Burnett Worldwide’s winter Global Product Committee (GPC). Twenty-four judges from 14 different time zones virtually flew in via flight GPC HK21 to evaluate, critique and appraise last quarter’s creative solutions against the HumanKind scale.

GPC HK21 humanKind scale

Throughout the three-day “flight,” unlimited coffee runs, onboard snacks and complementary gifts selected by Global CCO Liz Taylor kept the judges engaged and comfortable while reviewing work. Upon landing, they awarded two coveted 8 Balls, six inspiring 7s and 24 intelligent 6s.

8 Ball – McDonald’s McDelivery “Lights On”

lights on

The recent Leo Burnett London McDonald’s “Lights On” out-of-home campaign earned an 8 Ball for its overall craft and simplistic yet bold messaging. The work splits in half McDonald’s’ iconic logo to double its appearance as home lights, strategically supporting the McDelivery service. With its refreshing color palette and placement of its tagline, it’s “brave and beautifully crafted,” says Global CCO Liz Taylor, “The more you sit with it, the more you see.”

8 Ball – Cadillac “ScissorHandsFree”

This Leo Burnett Detroit spot imagines a new chapter to the classic film, Edward Scissorhands, to follows Edward and Kim’s son, Edgar, as he navigates the obstacles of daily life because of his unique hands. From tossing the football with friends or taking public transportation, audiences can’t help but empathize, and seeing his struggle, his mom—actress Winona Ryder—surprises him with a brand-new Cadillac LYRIQ and its SUPER CRUISE hands-free technology.

See the full list of 7+ work:
7.58 – Falabella “3362 FALABELLA’S” – Leo Burnett Colombia
7.40 – Robin Hood “Flour Packaging” – Leo Burnett Toronto
7.17 – ABinBev Aguila Beer “Half Fans” – Leo Burnett Colombia
7.14 – APRO “Corta!” – Leo Burnett Tailor Made
7.11 – McDonald’s “Reindeer Ready” – Leo Burnett London
7 – Campbell’s Soup Company “Dinner Insurance” – Leo Burnett Chicago