Leo Burnett Hosts “Leopalooza” in Celebration of 88th Anniversary

This year’s festivities paid tribute to the agency’s signature Joy Series, using music to drive connection and celebration.

Leo Burnett opened its doors 88 years ago in Chicago at the height of The Great Depression. As a symbol of community solidarity, the agency set a bowl of apples outside its doors as a powerful symbol of hospitality, generosity and kindness—the foundational principles which continue to underpin the agency’s ethos.

Each year, on or around August 5, offices around the world gather to preserve the same generous spirit by recognizing our people and celebrating the bright, talented and creative community we’ve built.

A Chicago Tradition

This year, Leo Burnett Chicago, an agency rich in traditions, hosted a celebration kicking off with some early morning inspiration on How to Be Brilliant, delivered by a keynote speaker, Todd Henry, Founder and CEO of Accidental Creative. Todd addressed the agency about producing great work, especially while under pressure and under-inspired. As Leo Burnett heads into its 88th year as one of the most awarded creative agencies in the world, and after bringing in nearly a dozen new clients over the past year, our teams were inspired to keep the momentum going.


Music is a powerful and unifying language. It drives appreciation, connection and moments of pure joy and is the foundation of Leo Burnett’s signature Joy Series, a music-based program to enact joy as an act of resistance. This year’s anniversary party theme took a cue from the Joy Series and Chicago fest season and how we’ve used music to come together. Using Leopalooza –a music festival complete with a DJ, bands, dancing, food stations—to unify our people and celebrate our successes.

As we reflect on another year of success, we cheers to our progress and continue our legacy of setting the example as an agent of change, creativity and kindness.