Leo Burnett Inspires Community through Lunch on Leo event

Lunch on Leo leverages the power of people and lunch connections following two years of remote working.

Lunches are too often a missed opportunity for connection among colleagues, frequently spent as a multitasking effort for employees to snack in between to-dos – especially in the aftermath of Covid. In effort to re-establish the Leo Burnett community and strengthen agency culture, Leo Burnett has leveraged the power of lunch connections by launching Lunch on Leo – an agency-sponsored lunch program. Through random selection, Lunch on Leo groups fellow Leo team members together for a dining experience centered around establishing connection and community.  

To increase the quality and quantity of professional relationships within Leo Burnett, the agency knew that it was important to randomize the lunch groups for an ideal blend of individuals reconnecting and those meeting for the first time.  Email invites were kept anonymous, with employees unaware of what group of “mystery colleagues” would be joining them for lunch until 24 hours prior to the reveal.  

Upon attendance, each group of guests was greeted with starters to share such as guacamole and chopped salad; followed by the entrees featuring bang bang shrimp tacos and herb roasted chicken; and finished off with sweet bites of carrot cake and warm blueberry butter cake. Employees described the lunch as a “delicious, fun, chill way to meet new folks and reconnect with old.” 

The agency will launch its next Lunch on Leo in October as the agency continues to drive employee connectivity and engagement