Leo Burnett London and McDonald’s keep the lights on for delivery

The striking new campaign promotes McDonald’s McDelivery service through eye-catching OOH.

Iconography has been a rising trend for well-known brands—tapping into the consumer’s strong with the brand’s typography and color.

For the incredibly iconic McDonald’s, the power of the brand-free ad was demonstrated in last year’s “Iconic Stacks” campaign, where Leo Burnett London let the typography and delicious ingredients do the talking.

Leo Burnett London brings that same powerful minimalism to the new McDelivery out-of-home campaign, “Lights On,” using only the Golden Arches to promote McDonald’s home delivery service.

With its monochromatic color palette and placement of its tagline, the work halves the McDonald’s logo to strategically double its appearance as home lights—in essence keeping the lights on for those who are hungry at home during a nationwide lockdown.

Leveraging McDonald’s iconic assets to evoke consumer affinity, Leo Burnett London masters the execution of minimalistic ads that resonate in the UK and beyond.

Agency: Leo Burnett
Client: McDonald’s
Campaign Title: McDelivery Lights On
CCO: Chaka Sobhani
Executive Creative Director: Mark Elwood
Creative Directors: Andrew Long, James Millers
Copywriter: Andrew Long
Art Directors: James Millers, Will Rees
Designer: Sam Kallen