Leo Burnett Recognizes Outstanding Talent in First Quarter Review of Star Reachers

New group of rock star talent acknowledged as outstanding employees across Leo Burnett US offices.

Honoring excellence in the advertising industry commonly results in awards and top honors. For Leo Burnett, it is the celebration of outstanding talent and individuals who drive great work — nominated by their peers as people who make Leo Burnett a special and unique place to work. The recipients of this top honor are better known as Star Reachers. 

 This signature quarterly program highlights and enhances the mold for what it means to be an impactful member of the agency and celebrates individuals who are endlessly inspired and are constantly pushing boundaries. A Star Reacher is someone who embodies, in all they do, the core values of the agency — the four C’s that define Leo Burnett’s human-centered culture (Eyes of a Child, Hands of a Craftsman, Heart of a Champion, Soul of a Citizen).  

 This quarter, the agency recognized five individuals that best embody the core value Eyes of a Child 

The Child looks at the world with wonder and restless curiosity. They are constantly asking “why.” Constantly bringing simplicity to the most complex questions and inspiring their team with contagious optimism. 

 Meet Leo Burnett’s newest class of Star Reachers:  

Brian Golden, Senior Art Director, Altria 

Forever humble, Brian’s positive, reaffirming attitude can easily be felt in his low-register tone that is equal parts strong and inviting. When Brian speaks, people listen because his voice draws you in. Brian simplifies any problem, laughs easily if it doesn’t work out and can go on the hunt for other solutions seamlessly. In addition, Brian’s artistic talents offer a different and powerful perspective. His work is simple, insightful, and meaningful – shining the light that anything and everything is possible if you just decide to see it. 

 Alyssa Johnson, Director, Project Management, Altria 

Alyssa (aka AJ) makes everyone smile! Her sincerity helps grow trusting relationships with her reports, as well as with her colleagues and collaborators across the Altria ecosystem. Alyssa is always asking probing questions and getting curious about any workstream she touches. She is skilled at understanding complex ideas and communicating those ideas to her teams. You can count on her to help get to the core issue, dream up a creative solution and help everyone involved feel like a human throughout the interaction. 

 Sean Logan, Strategist, Chicago 

Through Sean’s transition from community management to strategy, his digital expertise and social savviness have given him plus one skills — making himself indispensable in the department. Sean has a beautiful eye for recognizing what’s new, different, and interesting at the very micro levels of culture. He brings smart hypotheses but also asks the right questions. Sean brings no ego, only an eagerness to help and learn. His insights spark incredible, fresh thinking and stronger creative work.  

 Mary Jane O’Connor, Copywriter, Detroit 

Mary Jane is the kind of creative, co-worker, and collaborator who you know, when you hear her speak up in a meeting or on a call, that she’s going to ask a question that will expand everyone’s understanding of the brief, assignment, or conversation. Her approach to collaboration is actively open and forthright, listening with clarity and empathy without losing sight of discernment and strategy. She’s endlessly curious in a way that lets you know she’s piloting a fierce and inclusive intelligence that wants to bring everyone closer to the idea.  

Perry Streby, Strategy Director, Detroit 

As a strategist, Perry is passionate in developing a great strategy. He comes to every meeting with a palpable energy and excitement that is immediately contagious. He emanates a true joy for the work and the team. Perry embodies all that it means to look at the world through the Eyes of a Child. His curious and authentic approach brings diverse groups of people together to problem-solve and create. Perry sparks joy for all around him always quick to compliment and praise, with a natural charisma that brings the team and clients closer together.