Leo Burnett Sydney and Suncorp battle extreme weather with “One House to Save Many”

Created in collaboration with The Glue Society, the initiative aims to change the way houses are built in the future.

Bushfires, floods, storms: Australians weather the unpredictable. However, in recent times, these natural disasters have grown in frequency and intensity, often leaving damaged property in their wake. As one of Australia’s largest insurers, Suncorp wanted to reduce the impact of extreme weather on homes across the country.

Created by Leo Burnett Sydney—in collaboration with The Glue Society—“One House to Save Many” aims to build a more resilient Australia. Working with leading housing resilience experts James Cook University, the CSIRO and Room 11 Architects, Leo Burnett designed, tested and prototyped the One House—a home that is truly capable of withstanding fire, flood and cyclone.

documentary airing on Channel Nine, as well as across a variety of short films, spotlights the innovative work. Plus, people can experience online the building features and virtually explore the ways they can integrate into their own homes.

“Working with Suncorp, we wanted to do something that makes a tangible difference—that prompts changes in the way homes are built and encourages people to see that more needs to and can be done to withstand the inevitable impacts of climate change,” said Andy Fergusson, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett Sydney. “‘One House to Save Many’ aims to make more homes as robust as Australians themselves.”

To go hand-in-hand with this work, Suncorp is launching “Built It Back Better,” an Australian-wide first for home insurance. Through the initiative, Suncorp will build its customers’ homes back stronger with more resilient options, demonstrating its commitment to a country built to last.

The project—which has been in the works for nearly two years—will undoubtedly generate critical conversation around building standards and the urgent threat of climate change.