Leo Burnett Unveils the latest “ALDI Thing” for the New Year

“It’s Not a Sale. It’s an ALDI Thing.” reminds audiences of everyday low prices at ALDI U.S.

ALDI U.S. continues to show consumers the unexpected, unique things it does to exceed their expectations. “It’s Not a Sale. It’s an ALDI Thing.” subverts the classic “sales trope” in the post-holiday season, reminding shoppers that prices are always this low so they can focus on what really matters. 

“We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and every choice we make is geared toward just that – giving them unmatched value when they shop at ALDI,” shared Vanessa Chin, Marketing Director of ALDI US. “One of the ways we do that is through offering every day low prices on all of our products. We know inflation has tightened budgets, and people can’t always wait for sales. That’s why ALDI has low prices, all the time.” 

Leo Burnett partnered with Digitas to allay price conscious consumers and underscore ALDI’s commitment to give its customers the best for less in the new year. The new omnichannel work comes to life across Linear, OLV and Streaming Audio. 

“We knew we had to break through the post-holiday clutter with a strong message that spoke to our current and potential customers, especially when inflation affects families’ ability to put quality food on the table,” said Travis Klausmeier, Creative Director at Leo Burnett. “So, in true ALDI fashion, while everyone else was shouting SALE, SALE, SALE, we turned all that sale talk on its head. Our “It’s Not a Sale” approach took the cliché sales tropes and used them to tell people at ALDI prices all day, every day.” 

For decades, ALDI has prided itself as a grocery store that does things a little differently. The 2022 launch of its new tagline and campaign, “It’s an ALDI Thing,” fortified its refreshingly different positioning inspired by loyal customers. And with everyday low prices, shoppers can save up to hundreds of dollars annually.