Leo Burnett Wishes You a Joyful Holiday Season with Cheerful Ads from Across the Globe

As the year comes to a close, Leo Burnett celebrates this season’s holiday campaigns crafted by our global offices.

Over the past year, Leo Burnett has continued its legacy of helping brands create memorable experiences during the holiday season through unforgettable ads. Join us in revisiting some of our favorite holiday work this year.

Aldi “Swindle Season”


Leo Burnett Chicago and ALDI conceptualized “Swindle Season” as part of their ongoing “It’s an ALDI thing” campaign. In a series of cinematic spots, the creative uses a holiday storybook rhyme to call attention to the chaos and everyday grocery shopping pain points that are heightened during this time of year.

Dunkin’ “Unboxing”


Leo Burnett Chicago crafted this Dunkin’ campaign to highlight the joy that a box of donuts can bring to the season. Shot from the point of view of the tiny treat, the creative was brought to life with a memorable melody and straightforward lyrics, “everybody loves a donut,” capturing the joyful essence of the holidays.

McDonald’s “Raise Your Arches”

Leo Burnett UK and McDonald’s continued to build on their widely popular “Raise Your Arches” campaign with a heartwarming Christmas adaptation. Shot in a sea of holiday activities and celebrations in a “come one, come all fashion,” the ad shows how irresistible an invite to McDonald’s is, especially during holiday festivities.

Morrisons “More of a Winning Feeling”

Leo Burnett UK served up a festive feast of fun with Morrisons. Oven gloves aren’t just for grabbing hot trays – they’re the unsung heroes of the kitchen, giving holiday hosts the confidence and partnership needed to tackle holiday preparation.

Nintendo “Level Up This Holiday”

Leo Burnett Chicago and the Nintendo Switch helped everyone level up and strengthen family bonds this holiday through enchanting storytelling, relatable and informative content, and a touch of celebrity appeal.

President’s Choice “Discover What’s Inside”

Leo Burnett Toronto and President’s Choice transported us to a world of pure imagination with “Discover What’s Inside,” reinforcing how amazing life can be and what we can discover when we look inside and open ourselves up to new experiences.

TUI “Happy Holidays”

Leo Burnett UK knows when Santa’s away, the elves will play. Santa’s elves bid farewell to the North Pole and embraced “Livin’ La Vida Loca” with the help of TUI Airways – because after all their hard work during the holiday season, Santa’s little helpers deserve a tropical timeout.