Leo Burnett’s CEO Andrew Swinand Believes in Adaptability and Balance in the Workplace

In his latest article for Newsweek, Andrew puts a spotlight on the return to office debate and shares his views on the importance of fluidity of workplace environments.

Andrew Swinand, CEO of Leo Burnett and Publicis Groupe Creative, recently penned an article in Newsweek on the false dichotomy of the return to office debate. While several companies have begun to require a complete return to office for their employees, Andrew emphasizes the importance of a hybrid model that marries the undeniable strengths of each working environment.  

As Leo Burnett is a creative agency, Andrew recognizes and highlights the fact that human connection can foster creativity with minds thriving on the free exchange of ideas. He references the “Like a Girl” commercial as an example of crucial in-person workshopping amongst colleagues in the agency.  

However, his pro-hybrid work view also necessitates a heads down approach, as working from home can allow an employee to bring pen to paper and bring those socially brainstormed ideas to life.  

Overall, Andrew foregrounds an evolving workplace and maintains that, to meet the demands of the future, it is essential for companies to adapt their work environments to this increasingly interconnecting society. 

Read the full article via Newsweek here.