Leo Burnett’s US Edition of The HumanKind Study Exposes the Reality of Today’s Consumer Climate

The first edition for the US, the study confirms that as healthcare concerns persist, financial insecurity looms, and social media poses dilemmas, brands have big opportunities to bridge divides and make a positive impact.

Today Leo Burnett Chicago released the findings of the US HumanKind Study, which draws on extensive primary market research to dive deep into the main issues shaping the nation. Developed in partnership with research company Maru/Blue, the study offers a panoramic view of the challenges facing Americans today and outlines opportunities for brands to address issues spanning mental health, finance, social media and other divisive topics. 

Spearheaded by Samantha Cescau, EVP and Head of Strategy, the study emphasizes the urgent need for brands to align with the values and concerns of their consumers.  

“Our study not only sheds light on today’s prevailing issues but also shows a path forward for brands seeking to make a difference in the lives of Americans. By aligning their values with those of their consumers and embracing a spirit of empathy and innovation, brands can help solve real human problems,” says Samantha.  

Key findings from the study include: 

  •  Societal Unhappiness: A staggering three in five respondents (59%) perceive a lack of happiness in society, fostering a pessimistic outlook for the future. 
  • Healthcare Skepticism: Nearly half of Americans (47%) lack faith in the country’s healthcare system, with significant concerns over access, particularly among Hispanic/Latino communities. 
  • Financial Strain: Despite economic growth, a substantial portion of Americans across income brackets express financial insecurity, highlighting the need for brands to provide transparent and manageable solutions. 
  • Technology’s Impact on Gen Z: A notable portion of Gen Z respondents feel hindered by technology, expressing concerns over screen addiction and its effects on real-world relationships. 
  • Trust Deficit: Deep divisions persist on societal issues, with low levels of trust in both government and corporate America, indicating the need for brands to foster community and transparency. 

Despite these challenges, Americans exhibit resilience and optimism, charting their paths toward personal fulfillment and well-being. Brands have a pivotal role to play in this narrative, offering support, empathy, and solutions that resonate with people’s aspirations. 

“At Leo Burnett, we firmly believe in one universal truth: what helps people, helps business,” continues Samantha. “By uncovering where brands and individuals intersect authentically, companies and organizations can purposefully and successfully navigate the complexities of today’s world.” 

To see how brands can incorporate these learnings into how they show up for consumers, download the study at www.humankindstudy.com.