“Life Calls for Wellblends” in Latest Nature Made Campaign

Leo Burnett partnered with Nature Made to help consumers find balance with sleep, stress, and immune health.

We all know what we should do to stay healthy – eat well, get 8 hours of sleep, stay calm… But – life happens.

Americans face ongoing issues related to excessive stress, disrupted sleep, and impaired immune function. As a result, 77% report feeling that stress affects their physical health, and 70 million suffer from sleep issues. Understanding the challenges consumers face in balancing their wellness cycle, Nature Made introduced the new Wellblends portfolio – a complete line of targeted blends to address specific sleep, stress, and immune health needs.

Leo Burnett Chicago developed a fully integrated creative campaign featuring a :30 TV spot showcasing how Nature Made Wellblends can help consumers find balance in a chaotic world, while tapping into relatable human tension to inspire desire. In meeting consumers in their times of need, Nature Made mirrored daily pain point activities to demonstrate how Wellblends can help optimize unique wellness needs.

The launch of the campaign was amplified by leveraging super influencers – The Home Edit founders, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin – sharing how their authentic life situations call for Wellblends.

By positioning Wellblends as an ally in rebalancing the wellness cycle, Leo Burnett established brand authority with an educational perspective to highlight the unique interconnection of sleep, stress, and immune health. Although life is constantly knocking us off balance and preventing us from doing all that we know we should to keep ourselves healthy – Nature Made Wellblends helps you find balance no matter what life throws your way.