Life planning has never been easier than with Krungsri Health Insurance

Leo Burnett Thailand and Bank of Ayudhya introduce a new kind of health insurance that is outside the norm.

Health and wellness are top of mind in challenging norms that have become the status quo for the healthcare industry. No one knows your lifestyle and health conditions better than you, so having health insurance that’s adjustable to life’s sudden changes is important.

However, finding the best plan is tough because traditional insurance commercials use an emotional or fear-based approach—triggering people to buy more coverage. That’s why Leo Burnett Thailand and Bank of Ayudhya launched Krungsri Health Insurance Plans that can be adjusted based on consumer needs, positively reinforcing the need to “Follow Your Plans” in their new campaign.

The duo kicks off this humorous campaign with four spots, the marquee being ‘Big Responsibility Man.’ The commercial starts with the announcer assuming the lifestyle of protagonist—Mr. Tan—at a coffee shop with loyal employees working in the background. The narrator concludes that Mr. Tan is a coffee shop owner and a father whose healthcare plan is worth 10 million dollars.

In a twist of events, we learn that Mr. Tan is actually single and not a father, and so while he adjusts the plan to 3 million. Another unexpected turn life event occurs when Mr. Tan finishes his adjustments and sees a beautiful woman walk into the shop, inferring that he’s going to follow his plan to ‘get the girl’ and will need to increase his coverage again.

Big Responsibility Man

Hard Working Freelance

Unhealthy Office Lady

Terminally Ill Lady

Krungsri provides flexible options for everyone to adjust health insurance plans to best fit their present situations.