Meet the newest class of star reachers

This group of rising talent embodies the “four C’s” that Leo Burnett himself laid out as the essence of our agency culture

With the turbulence of 2020 just recently behind us, an award that uplifts rising talent is a welcome reminder of the agency’s core values. Five rising stars have been identified as those who push us further, help us grow and cheer us on as we go—they’re Star Reachers.

So, what is a Star Reacher?

“When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.” When Leo Burnett famously said these words, he cast a mold for what it means to be an impactful member of our agency community and a Star Reacher. Someone who challenges the status quo and fights for what’s right, for all human beings. Someone who is endlessly inspired by the possibilities and pushes the boundaries to seize them. Someone who beholds the world with a sense of wonder, and seeks to share it with others. Someone who embodies, in all they do, the core values of our agency—the four C’s that define our human-centered culture:

The Soul of a Citizen: Respects the work and always says thank you. Is tough but constructive. Draws people in, never pushes them away.

The Hands of a Craftsman: Sees what no one else notices, but everyone will feel. Asks how can I make this better? But also knows when to stop.

The Heart of a Champion: Acts bravely. Protects ideas. Defends the interest of the people, and leads with principle.

The Eyes of a Child: Chooses to believe. Emanates joy. Knows that sincerity and curiosity are the ingredients for true transformation.

In this revival of the Star Reacher tradition, we’re proud to present the newest class of Star Reachers:

Ryan Brown, Copywriter
Ryan is a relentless creative who personifies our 4Cs. He’s always working to get the best job done while looking not just for a chance to be mentored, but to also be a mentor to those who need it. Ryan is willing to raise his hand to have the tough conversations and he knows the small things make a big difference. A Shades board member, Ryan is actively working to bring more diversity and inclusion to our culture.

Anna Jacobs, Creative Director, Copywriter
Anna leads by example in everything she does, solves problems, listens, and helps in any way she can with the utmost positivity. Always building, never belittling, no document has ever gotten her down. No matter the page length, no matter what the feedback was, no matter what time it is—Anna will treat it like it’s new to her, take her time to analyze it and then make you feel like it’s the best she’s read all day.

Andi Della Chiesa, Director of Business Development
Andi is the first person to say thank you and is always excited to review work for you, start a project or put the final touches on a pitch. She looks at work with a critical eye and isn’t afraid to humbly push for her teammates to be better. She’s a doer. Andi is always ready and able to do what needs to be done to get her work over the finish line. The spark of curiosity that begins every successful pitch is always present in Andi. The business excites her and that excitement is contagious.

Dan Cernugel, Senior Analyst—Financial Planning & Analysis
Dan Cernugel is a craftsman of financial analysis, keeping things clear and streamlined despite constant changes, adjustments, and updates. His work stands out as exceptional, as he makes the complicated more clear for everyone involved.

Maggie Decker, Account Director
Maggie goes above and beyond to support the creative work from the agency. Maggie has flourished during a challenging time. Clients hold her in the highest regard and she has proven to be a truly effective leader. She’s a highly skilled problem solver and communicator with a keen ability to adapt to unforeseen changes, taking all in stride. She has been directing key campaigns with tenacity, passion, and grace for the full length of her career at Leo Burnett.

Congratulations to this dynamic group of Burnetters! Your grit and generosity are to be celebrated we hope to continue to grow alongside as you reach for the stars.