Nature Made and USA Pickleball Champion Fun and Wellness With Launch of Pickle-Flavored Gummy

Leo Burnett helps the brand inspire feel-good healthy habits in a multitouch campaign with a limited-edition pickle-flavored gummy vitamin.

In an innovative multitouch campaign developed in partnership with Leo Burnett to leverage the popularity of pickleball, Nature Made is introducing a limited-edition pickle-flavored gummy vitamin as the Official Vitamin of USA Pickleball, adding a polarizing twist to the daily routine of those who are #ProPickle.

Nature Made, the leading national vitamin and supplement brand, has announced a new partnership with USA Pickleball, the national governing body of the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. With 36.5 million active players and a growth rate of more than 150% since 2021, pickleball is enjoyed by individuals of all ages. This collaboration aims to promote wellness through enjoyable activities and foster a sense of well-being at any stage of life.

The USA Pickleball sponsorship will come alive in Naples, Florida, during the US Open Pickleball Championships, where spectators will have a chance to sample the pickle-flavored gummy vitamin onsite during a unique activation complete with limited-edition merch, a photo booth and games.

As wellness trends evolve to encompass diverse self-care practices, Nature Made recognizes the importance of making health and wellness enjoyable. Whether consumers are #ProPickle or #NoPickle, through this campaign, Nature Made lives by its brand promises and remains committed to supporting wellness at every stage of life.