Publicis Play, Leo Burnett Colombia and Alpin Unveil Groundbreaking Role-Playing Game on WhatsApp

Guardianes del Dorado uniquely gamifies WhatsApp, making video games more accessible.

In Colombia, access to high-end consoles or the latest generation smartphones is limited, with only 4% of young people owning such devices. However, with 1.2 active cell phones per person and free access to WhatsApp on all devices, Alpin, a local beverage brand targeting kids and teenagers, is striving to make the gaming experience accessible to all through the immersive game, Guardians del Dorado. 

With the brand purpose of breaking free from traditional gaming constraints, Guardians del Dorado democratizes access to digital entertainment. Leveraging WhatsApp as its platform, the game transcends socioeconomic barriers, reaching a diverse audience. 

In essence, Guardians del Dorado leads the charge in inclusivity, delivering a tailored gaming adventure for everyone. With over 1,600 AI-generated images, 24 voices, and more than 23,000 story variations influenced by player choices, it transports players into a world of mythical intrigue. 

One of the most exciting aspects of Guardians del Dorado is its innovative combat system, known as the “Randomizer.” This system allows players to face a variety of enemies with just the roll of a 20-sided dice. 

Delve into a world of wonder influenced by Colombia’s vibrant biodiversity, where players encounter enigmatic puzzles in deserts, breathtaking landscapes in mountains, and adversaries embodying the essence of each region. 

The game’s OPEN BETA phase introduces the first wave of content updates, mirroring the DLC format of top games. Notably, these updates are entirely free for players.