Samsung and Leo Burnett Dubai creates “An Epic film. Every Moment.”

The recent campaign cures pandemic boredom by spotlighting the new Galaxy S21 cinematic camera features.

Pandemic boredom: it’s like regular boredom but at an all-time high while you are stuck at home, and it can lead to creative block.

As the world slowly reopens and people head out more, Leo Burnett Dubai found their way into work for Samsung by identifying a common disagreement when leaving home. The fear of a spouse going out by his/herself can lead to passive aggressive arguments that start with “where are you going?”

So, Samsung and the Dubai office ran with this insight in their new “An Epic film. Every Moment” campaign that parodies couple arguments in four different cinematic styles—all filmed on the S21’s impressive camera.

Starring the region’s most beloved celebrity couple, Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki, each vignette features its own unique tone, mood and art style created using specific S21 camera modes: space zoom, low light, portrait and director’s view.





Fans of the films were then encouraged to showcase their own artwork using the S21 on TikTok—thus alleviating moments of pandemic boredom.


Global Chief Creative Officer: Liz Taylor

Creative Director: Yasser Seif ElBahr

Associate Creative Director: Hameed Farouq

Senior Copywriters: Ahmed Hassan & Aliah Badran

Creative Strategist: Raghda Medhat

Group Integration Director: Danielle Jammal

Communication Manager: Ghada Baraka

Head of A/V Production: Shereen Mostafa

COO & CDO: Samer Shoueiry

Deputy MD: Joelle Jammal