Samsung connects fans “United by Passion” for the Winter games

Leo Burnett defines the modern athlete, empowering meaningful connections with fans in a new TV commercial.

The perception of Olympians has changed – from super to human, less godlike and more relatable. Samsung sought to connect viewers with the games for their latest campaign, “United By Passion,” reinforcing its position as a proud sponsor of a world coming together. Acknowledging that most viewers will be watching the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics from home due to the pandemic, the advertisement displays deeper connections rooted in passions.

Leo Burnett developed the 60- second commercial featuring young challengers sharing their competitive spirit and passions with the world through sleek editing.

The launch of the campaign was amplified through Samsung’s over 30-year partnership with the Olympics, including as the wireless communications partner at Beijing 2022.

Additionally, 15 world-class Gen Z athletes– representing nine nations and various sports – will serve as ambassadors on Team Samsung during the games, inspiring fans through their athletic achievements and community contributions. They will showcase their own unique ‘B-Sides’ to illustrate how they came to be the athletes they are today and the personal passions that have shaped them outside sport.

By lensing the Olympics inclusively, the campaign empowers the global community, and younger generations in particular, to elevate the standard of connection in innovative ways. While we may not all be competing at the games, we all share the same amazing uniqueness.