The Creative Essentials of Associate Creative Director Chiahan Chen

In this edition of Creative Essentials, Associate Creative Director Chiahan Chen opens up about what keeps him animated and artistic while working.

Welcoming, fun and energetic—these are just some characteristics Chiahan Chen’s peers use to describe him. But what keeps this Taiwan Associate Creative Director so bright and spirited while working?

Here’s the simple answer: it’s his love for adventure (whether he’s running or riding his motorcycle), thirst for knowledge and staying connected with others that keeps Chiahan energized.

For the past four years, he has been a creative behind some of Taiwan’s award-winning campaigns like China Airlines “Souvenirs From Travel” and both of McDonald’s “Still My Little Girl” and “Have a McMuffin Get Some Luck” campaigns—in collaboration with colleagues Jin Yang and Nana Tsai.

We caught up with Chen to pick his brain about what keeps him inspired to create note-worthy campaigns and how he stays lively at work.

Running Shoes
I like running, especially on long stretches of road. It allows me to feel free and clear my head. Sometimes, running sparks some amazing ideas from nowhere, so I sprint even faster to hang onto them until I get home.

Notebook & Pen
I like the ‘old school’ way of tracking my ideas. So, I’m a big fan of the notebook and pen method: drawing mind-maps, writing quick notes and illustrating strange things helps me concentrate.

It’s important that I keep up with what is happening in real-time around the world, even when I’m on the move, so I never leave home without my headphones. I like listening to podcasts when I ride my motorcycle to and from work. Listening to the news or funny talk shows keeps me up-to-date and current.

Chewing gum stimulates my mind while I work, boosting my ideas for faster brainstorming. It also keeps me from smoking cigarettes when I’m stressed.

This one is obvious! I can check on my colleagues, family and friends, search burning questions for quick answers… or indulge in my watch list on Netflix—my mobile device is a must. (Not pictured: my phone, which I used to take these photos!)