The Creative Essentials of EVP Head of Design, Alisa Wolfson

As she prepares for the launch of Leo Burnett’s Global Design Council, Alisa Wolfson, EVP Head of Design at LB Chicago, shares her creative essentials.

For EVP Head of Design, Alisa Wolfson, “design makes the complicated simple. It’s everything. And I feel everything around me.”

Alisa is energized when she can see and feel how ideas come together, which is why it comes as no surprised she was recently chosen to chair the 2022 Clios Design Jury. She also played a crucial role in forming Leo Burnett’s Global Design Council, which held its inaugural meeting this month.

Through her work and her industry involvement, Alisa appreciates the opportunity to bring creative people together from across cultures. She explains, “it gives me a broader view of how design solves complex human problems and helps us connect with each other.”

So, how does Alisa continue to stay inspired and keep her creative energy (and her vinyasa) flowing? Read on to see what she considers her creative essentials – in her own words.

Drinking Straw Sculpture

A sculpture of drinking straws and pipe cleaners is all I need. Especially when it’s made by my kid.

Tin of Fish

Eating a tin of fish in the right packaging can greatly improve my day. I’m not the world’s best cook, but I love putting a pretty meal together. Last Spring, I got into pickling. Jars full of bright green, magenta and yellow make opening the refrigerator very satisfying.

Shades of Expression

Putting things together that feel right: that is how I express my creativity. From finding the perfect shade of blue (there are so many!) to using a yoga block that reminds me of my dog’s coat, being creative has never been limited to “working.”

The (Yoga) Flow

A few times a week, I do a set sequence of hot yoga.  It helps me understand and listen to my intuition. I used to topple over in every balancing pose until I started to get stronger and trust myself. With yoga, I am able to think clearer, sleep better and feel more present.

The Little Things

Spending more time at home has opened my eyes to all the things around me. I could get lost in the color of a book or the pattern on a pinch pot – or how the pinch pot looks sitting on the book. It’s all a feeling.