The Creative Essentials of Global CCO, Chaka Sobhani

An exclusive look at how this global leader and creative powerhouse stays connected, balanced and inspired.

As Global CCO for Leo Burnett, Chaka Sobhani is a creator at her core and most in her element when she’s making something.

She heaps humanity in her leadership approach, artfully balancing the role of both convener and catalyst for sparking creativity at Leo Burnett. And she believes in the power of advertising to transform lives and the world—in the biggest and most scaled ways, and sometimes in the most personal and intimate ways.

Through it all, she embraces meaningful change and even some messiness in service of making best-in-class work, bar none.

So, what keeps this global leader and creative powerhouse connected, balanced and inspired?

Here’s an exclusive look at Chaka Sobhani’s creative essentials—in her own words.


Podcasts are the newest and most vital part of my daily inspiration. They’ve been a lifeline for both my head and heart. I love the intimacy, the honesty of conversation and the depths you can get to in this format. It’s so unaffected by time or visual constraints.

Ellen Von Unsworth Photography

I simply love Ellen’s photography and revisit her whenever I need a lift. Ever since I first saw her work in the pages of Face magazine as an impressionable teen, she’s been my go-to. She captures a naughtiness and energy that still gives me butterflies.

The Serpentine and the Serpentine Sackler Galleries

These are two sister galleries in the heart of Hyde Park in London that offer a perennial window into the world of artists I do not know but have so much to learn from. I particularly love how small and intimate the galleries are – perfect for that little hit of inspiration needed every now and then.


I’m cheating here as I wanted to talk about music but found it too hard to pick just one or two artists. Spotify allows me to revisit the music that makes me feel certain things whilst intelligently introducing me to new artists, new feelings and new favourites.

As William Shakespeare said, ‘If music be the food of love, play on!’ He couldn’t be more spot on.

Family and Friends

A cliché, I know, but they are probably the single most creative inspiration in my life – from my magnificent mum who passed away this year, to my incredible wife and awesome two daughters, and everyone I’m lucky enough to call family and friends. They open my eyes each day and teach me the most important thing – how to love and be loved. Cheesy, I know, but that’s the truth.

Group shot of nine of Chaka Sobhani's family.