#TideforTime encourages families to spend quality time together

With pandemic-driven stressors dividing our time between work and life, Tide is making it easier for families to come together.

Quality time with family—it may look different for everyone, but research shows 9 out of 10 people agree that Covid-19 has made them realize the importance of togetherness.

During India’s strict pandemic driven lockdown, families have grappled with work-life balance. As a result, many have found themselves spending less time with loved ones despite being under the same roof.

Leo Burnett India and Tide’s new digital campaign, “#TideforTime” showcases the positive impact of spending more time with loved ones. By putting Tide to work, families can make time for life.

The heartfelt two-minute film places viewers in the center of young Pihu’s chaotic household—one where her mom and dad are too busy to admire her family portrait. Leaving her woeful, her grandmother quickly cheers her up by inquiring about her artwork and spending time with Pihu.

The grandmother explains to her daughter (Pihu’s mom) how time is invaluable and it’s important to make memories with loved ones before it’s too late. This is the epiphany Pihu’s parents needed to step away from work and household chores to spend quality time together—time that is truly priceless.

“With [the] #TideForTime movement, we want to encourage everyone to make time for all things that are really important by just saving on laundry time,” said Rajdeepak Das, CEO and chief creative officer, South Asia, Leo Burnett. “This movement is a true HumanKind insight, a story which goes beyond words and we hope will inspire everyone to make more time for their loved ones.”

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