Tillamook Debuts a New Innovation Designed to Protect Your Ice Cream

To celebrate the brand’s new Chocolate Collection, Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) and Leo Burnett introduce the Tillamook iScreen, a creative solution that uses Lenticular Lens technology to hide ice cream in plain sight.

Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) and Leo Burnett continue to find extraordinary ways for dairy lovers to enjoy the brand’s full line-up with all-new innovation: the Tillamook® iScreen, a revolutionary new product that hides ice cream in plain sight. Created with the brand’s new Chocolate Collection Ice Cream in mind, this ingenious product celebrates the richness and decadence of that Tillamook’s products are known for. 

“We know Tillamook fans everywhere are crazy for the new Chocolate Collection and will go to great lengths to keep their freezers stocked with the goods – as they should,” said Kate Boltin, Vice President of Marketing at Tillamook. “Some people are kind enough to share a spoonful here or there, while others are not, and that’s OK too. Honestly, that’s why we created the Tillamook iScreen, to keep unwanted spoons out of your Tillamook ice cream, so it stays, well, yours.” 

This product launch is part of the “Extraordinary Dairy” campaign, elevating consumer expectations and encouraging dairy lovers to not settle for mediocre dairy. Using Lenticular Lens technology to act as an invisibility shield and using R&D that spans half a decade, consumers can now have peace of mind that their ice cream is safe and sound. 

 “The iScreen is the perfect blend of creativity and innovation, it’s having a little bit of tech-magic in your freezer,” said Sarah Block, EVP, Creative Director at Leo Burnett. “Our goal was to celebrate the irresistibility and decadence of the Chocolate Collection and we landed on a tool to help people shield their tub from everyone else in their house by making it invisible. You want your ice cream all to yourself!” 

Making its debut on Jimmy Kimmel, the Tillamook® iScreen is available for purchase while supplies last. To learn more about the Tillamook iScreen and to get your own, visit tillamook.com.