Uniting Kids and Parents for a Magical Holiday Experience with Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's new holiday campaign brings together the whole family this season through games everyone can enjoy.

Following the recent global success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Leo Burnett has teamed up with Nintendo to launch a campaign centered around connecting families through the magic of Nintendo Switch this holiday season.  

The team has launched an omnichannel campaign complete with fun and vibrant spots to engage kids, moms, dads and the full family around the fun experiences to be had with the Nintendo Switch. 

The campaign kicks off with a series of kid-centric spots where Nintendo transforms ordinary, everyday moments to thrilling gaming experiences when kids encounter iconic Mario video game items in the real world. The charming scenarios aim to ignite kids’ curiosity and enthusiasm for Nintendo Switch, offering a fun and engaging way to connect families during the holiday season.

In speaking to moms, Nintendo has taken a unique approach with a series of short-form spots featuring moms speaking directly to the camera. These spots offer valuable insights into the benefits of the Nintendo Switch in relatable, tongue-in-cheek ways. By providing moms with Switch hardware knowledge, Nintendo empowers them to actively participate with their kids, acting as both facilitators of family togetherness and active gamers. This approach is designed to bridge the informational gap and create a stronger connection between moms and their families through shared gaming experiences. 

Nintendo’s dad targeted work highlights the everyday opportunities fathers are given to share their passion for gaming with their children. By partnering up with Kenan Thompson, a relatable celebrity dad, Nintendo emphasizes the importance of family bonding through gaming, showcasing how dads can leverage their shared passion of gaming with their kids to connect in fun and memorable ways.

Through enchanting storytelling, relatable and informative content, and a touch of celebrity appeal, Nintendo aims to strengthen the bond within families and make gaming with Nintendo Switch an integral part of their shared holiday experiences.