Visionworks is “On a Mission” to Simplify Eyecare

Leo Burnett partnered with Visionworks to bring simplicity to the notoriously complicated eye care industry.

For as many as 65% of people in the world, vision is the primary sense by which they learn – including about 80% of children who learn visually. Acknowledging that people have unfortunately been trained to expect a painful vision care experience, Visionworks sought to make that experience more meaningful than transactional with their latest campaign. The brand is “On a Mission” to improve eye health over time.

The campaign launched with a series of 15-second commercials showcasing Visionworks’ commitment to literally go to the ends of the Earth to help someone in the middle of an extremely inconvenient vision problem. The production took the Visionworks teams to some of the world’s most remote locations, including the driest desert on the planet.

Leo Burnett established the Visionworks Difference – amplifying a human-centered idea through emotional connection. The fully integrated creative campaign highlighted the customer experience via the brand’s latest initiatives like re-organizing their stores so it’s easier to find the right frames, making it simple to schedule a convenient appointment, plus giving customers 100 days to change their minds about a new pair of glasses.

By lensing vision care more inclusively, Leo Burnett raised awareness and consideration for Visionworks in an overcrowded category, through inspired and personalized care for today and tomorrow.