Visionworks Takes Unexpected Approach to Eyecare with “Subtitles” Campaign

Leo Burnett and Visionworks introduce the world’s first-of-its-kind commercials that test your vision

Visionworks, one of the country’s largest eyewear retailers, is on a mission is to provide affordable high-quality eyecare to their consumers; however, industry analysis shows that even though 84% of people say vision is the most important sense, only around 50% of people get annual eye exams—reflecting a general apathy surrounding proactive eye health.

To get consumers to prioritize their eye health, Visionworks®, in partnership with Leo Burnett, has released new ad campaign, “Subtitles” which features first-of-its-kind advertisements offering up a surprising and clever test of your vision to highlight the importance of scheduling an eye exam.

“We’re excited to launch this campaign and encourage everyone to commit to eye health through an entertaining and unexpected way. Our hope is to create a sense of urgency for viewers, and we’ve provided a way for them to easily schedule an eye exam after the ads with just a click of a button.” said Visionworks Senior Vice President of Marketing Stan Lippelman.

The cinematic commercials are presented as foreign-language film trailers coupled with compelling storylines and shrinking subtitles, ultimately testing viewer’s vision, and ending with a QR code to drive viewers to schedule an eye exam at their local Visionworks office.

“The best advertising isn’t just persuasive, it also rewards the audience for their attention,” said Britt Nolan, President and Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett. “This work aims to jolt people out of apathy. Most people say vision is their most important sense, but they convince themselves their eyes are good enough. That is, until something forces them to realize they’re not.”

The campaign comes to life across linear TV, CTV and social. Keeping with the cinematic theme of the ads, Visionworks will also run “Subtitles” in movie theatres in 17 markets, and over 800 theatres throughout the month of May to capitalize on the kick-off of the Summer Blockbuster movie season when millions of movie goers flock to theatres for the latest releases.