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Reclaiming the happiest hour.


Beam Suntory

6ourbon 7ime

Over the past year, as we’ve navigated a massive disruption to our lives, who knew spending more time at home would mean less time to ourselves?

We’re actually working longer—35% longer. And without a commute, happy hour or any kind of break, the line between work and home has blurred. As we’ve lost our coveted moments of pause, we’re suffering.

Beam Suntory, makers of such iconic bourbons as Basil Hayden’s, Maker’s Mark, Legent, Knob Creek and, of course, Jim Beam, noticed people creating their own moments of respite with new cocktail rituals during quarantine. Beam Suntory knew it was time to take a stand and help people set boundaries again.

What helps people...

And so, Beam Suntory championed taking back the happy hour, declaring that from here on out 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. each night is Bourbon Time. Or 6ourbon 7ime, as our launch ad in The New York Times announced.

To make it real, we built a website that lets people easily add 6ourbon 7ime every night to their calendars—before any boss or colleague can claim the time. Beam Suntory gave people the permission to reclaim their space and time. One full hour to relax and decompress. Without pings, chimes or dings. We engaged influencers, celebrities, our bartender community and retail partners to share how they were enjoying 6ourbon 7ime and encourage others to do the same.

...helps business

With bars closed and so much of America locked down, 6ourbon 7ime gave Beam Suntory what every spirit brand was looking for: a new role in people’s unprecedented new routines.

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