Coors Light

Clone Machine

If the meeting is virtual, you can be too.


Coors Light

Clone Machine

America needed to log off and have a beer.

But let’s back up for a second. Just before COVID-19 hit, we had helped Coors Light move from a cold beer that people choose on a hot summer day to one they reach for any time they need to chill.

Then came the pandemic. And for a while nobody was doing much chilling.

What helps people...

Even worse, millions of us suddenly working from home were introduced to a brand-new phenomenon: Zoom fatigue.

Introducing the Coors Light Clone Machine.

Here’s how it works: You record 30 seconds of video of yourself looking like you’re intently paying attention in a meeting. Maybe you nod your head in agreement a couple times. Bonus points if you pretend to take notes.

Then you upload the video as your Zoom background and, voila, you’ve created your clone. A clone who can cover for you while you enjoy a Coors Light.

...helps business

As more and more people cloned themselves, the attention that Coors Light Clone Machine received replicated as well, moving from the trade magazines Adweek and Campaign to mainstream media outlets like Thrillist, iHeart Radio and UPI.

The media attention led to more clones, tweets and visits to Coors Light’s website, adding up to 1 billion impressions—most of them from humans, not their clones.

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