Bank of America


This is where our next chapter begins.

Bank of America


With the pandemic raging and the world in the midst of a humanitarian and economic crisis, we were all adjusting to a different reality. We were facing new fears, new uncertainties and new questions about our lives, often on a daily basis.

With all of this going on, who wants to hear from a bank?

But with roots that go back to 1904—about the same time as another famous pandemic—Bank of America knew the past had something powerful to teach us.

What helps people...

One thing remains true of our collective history: when challenges arise, we always find a way to keep moving forward. It’s not the end of our story. It’s the moment we write our next chapter.

So we encouraged people to look to the future—by creating a commencement address for all of America. Bank of America’s inspiring message reminded us all—our people, communities and businesses—of our resilience and ingenuity.

... helps business

By helping people envision their next step, Bank of America sidestepped the clichés of corporate communications with a message that was immediate, personal and full of practical optimism.

The result: people saw Bank of America in a new light. Not as a “big bank” but as an empathetic organization that understands that no matter what we’re facing, we all share the same need—to find a way forward.

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