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I Am Hunger

The real face of hunger.


Feeding America

I Am Hunger

One in eight people struggle with hunger in the United States.

And while we tend to think of hunger in stereotypes—images of homeless people or developing nations—the reality is hunger is much closer to home.

Most of the people Feeding America serve come from households with at least one working adult. When the problem is so hard to see, it’s even harder to get people to care.

What helps people...

Hunger isn’t actually hidden in our communities. We just don’t know what to look for. But data can help and, in fact, humanize.

After collecting thousands of photos from Feeding America and its network of food banks, along with a USDA study, we used a type of AI called GAN to create a computer-generated, statistically accurate and unbiased face of hunger.

We then used this face to tell the stories of hungry people across America—from an 8-year-old girl entering a summer without lunches to a single father struggling to put food on the table to a teenage boy working to help feed his little sister.

...helps business

“I Am Hunger in America” changed people’s perceptions about the work Feeding America does. As more people understood the urgency of the organization’s work, the more willing they became to donate.

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