The iComfort iC1

The best way to test a mattress is feet first.


The iComfort iC1

Serta mattresses are made with incredible cushioning and cooling technologies that make for a better night’s sleep. But to experience this for yourself, you need to go mattress shopping.

Which is something that many first-time mattress buyers, accustomed to buying everything online, aren’t all that interested in doing.

What helps people ...

But what if we offered people a completely different way to try a Serta mattress—without having to set foot in a store?

We found our answer in sneaker culture. Working with legendary sneaker designer DJ Clark Kent, we created the iComfort iC1, limited-edition kicks with the tongues made from the same iComfort cooling and cushioning technologies found in Serta mattresses.

Now if you want to experience everything that makes an iComfort mattress amazing, all you need to do is lace up a shoe.

...helps business

When DJ Clark Kent designs a new sneaker, especially in a collaboration as unexpected as our iComfort iC1, word spreads fast. Not only did the shoe sell out within 48 hours, but Serta quickly earned the highest levels of social engagement the brand has ever seen.

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