Kraft Heinz

Kraft Now, Pay Later

Keeping dinner business as usual during the government shutdown.

Kraft Heinz

Kraft Now, Pay Later

Eight hundred and fifty thousand people out of work. Many with families who depended on them to put food on the table.

Beyond the headlines and political in-fighting, that was the hard reality of the federal shutdown not so long ago.

What helps people...

Kraft is a brand built on a promise of releasing the pressures of parenting through their kid-loved food. Government workers affected by the shutdown were forced to choose between paying their rent or providing meals for their family.

“Kraft Now, Pay Later” was our answer. In 24 hours, we built a grocery store full of free Kraft products for federal workers. The deal? Kraft asked people to donate the cost of their food to their favorite charity when they started getting paid again.

We took out a full-page ad asking other brands, even competing brands, to help fill our shelves—and they did. Meanwhile, we kept the lights on until the government turned back on theirs.

...helps business

The news of “Kraft Now, Pay Later” spread in The New York Times, on CNN and through other media outlets and people’s social feeds, and a steady line quickly formed outside our store.

As Kraft’s head of brand at the time said: “Every Friday we have open conversations with Leo Burnett about what’s happening in culture, the purpose of our brand, things that are impacting our consumers. This routine keeps us honest to what really matters.”

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