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Littlest Bailout

2020 gave us plenty of lemons—but no lemonade stands.


Kraft Heinz

Littlest Bailout

When COVID-19 shut down our economy, the federal government stepped in and created loans for small businesses. It turns out some of those loans were going to not-so-small businesses and the smallest of small businesses were being cast aside.

“It’s outrageous,” Amanda Ballantyne, the executive director of Main Street Alliance, an advocacy group for small businesses, told The New York Times.

Country Time agreed.

What helps people...

Lemonade stands had already been having a rough go of things. In 2018, when we got wind of the fact that kids were actually being fined for operating illegal lemonade stands, we started a legal defense fund called Country Time Legal-Ade.

But social distancing practices presented kids with an altogether more depressing scenario: no lemonade stands at all.

And so we created The Littlest Bailout, a $100,000 economic relief program earmarked specifically for our youngest entrepreneurs. Because as one of our ads put it, “A four-foot kid can’t sell lemonade from six feet away.”

... helps business

As kids flooded Country Time’s site to request their bailout check, the brand became one of the few bright stories in the news.

“A beloved brand giving back to the community,” reported CNN, while ABC News exclaimed: “It’s Country Time to the rescue.”

The result: In a summer when we couldn’t have lemonade stands, more and more people turned to Country Time, leading to 1.4 billion+ earned media impressions and a 138% increase in purchase intent among our core parent audience.

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