Because people need flavor, any way they can get it




Amid all the other problems in 2021, there was also ... a national chicken-wing shortage. Which for the fast-growing Wingstop is just about the biggest problem you can have.

Unless, that is, you turn it into an opportunity.

What Helps People ...

“We doin’ thighs.” So proclaimed rap superstar and Wingstop franchise owner Rick Ross in our launch spot for Thighstop, a limited-time, virtual brand that we created in partnership with Doordash.

A fully integrated campaign featuring TV, social and, of course, an online hub to order Wingstop thighs, Thighstop briefly turned the brand’s platform, “Where Flavor Gets Its Wings,” into “Where Flavor Gets Its Thighs.”

... Helps Business

Not only did Thighstop solve Wingstop’s supply-chain woes, but it appealed directly to the brand’s flavor-seeking fanbase and attracting plenty of new ones too. The result: increased sales and a sharp rise in Wingstop’s share price.

Thighstop also picked up 6.5 billion earned media impressions, including coverage on CNN and CNBC and features on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

But let’s not run out of chicken wings again.

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