Wearable Billboards

When your fans love you this much, they’ll wear you.


Wearable Billboards

While some restaurant chains are willing to spend big to be seen and plaster billboards across the country, Wingstop prides themselves on doing things the Wingstop way: hungry, humble and smart. And it’s helping them grow the brand exponentially.

Within the Wingstop core guest base, you’ll find a mighty fandom. People who live and breathe the brand, repping their Wingstop passion loud and proud on social media.

What helps people...

What any true fan wants more than anything is to be part of the thing they love. Give that passion the right outlet, and those people become the most effective advertising you could hope for—in a category where people look to friends and influencers for recommendations.

Feeding that fire, we made our fans literal walking, talking Wingstop billboards. We offered them free Wingstop sweatshirts printed with key brand messages. And we encouraged them to get those messages seen by as many people as possible.

And they did.

...helps business

Soon our wearable billboards were finding their way into social feeds, sports games and news broadcasts, getting the attention that an ordinary restaurant would have paid hundreds and thousands of dollars for.

And earning eyeballs at a rate almost double a traditional billboard campaign.

All for the price of printing a limited range of hoodies.

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